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Elephant and Baby Elephant Poster, Endangered Animal Poster,

Elephant and Baby Elephant Poster, Endangered Animal Poster,

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This satin poster is printed on on top-tier quality 210 gsm satin paper. With a low-glare satin finish, this poster can be exquisitely showcased in any indoor environment. Available in multiple sizes.

.: 210gsm satin paper
.: Low-glare finish
.: Available in 3 different sizes
.: NB! For indoor use only
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts


African Elephants are the biggest animals walking on land, but they are in danger and need our help. They are endangered because people illegally hunt them for their ivory tusks, which are very valuable. Also, elephants are losing their homes because forests and grasslands are being turned into farms and cities.


To help save the African Elephants, we can support wildlife parks and reserves where elephants can live safely. We can also teach our friends and family about elephants and why it's wrong to buy things made of ivory. Supporting groups that work to protect elephants and their homes is another great way to help. By doing these things, we can make sure that African Elephants will be around for a long time, living happily in the wild. I donate 10% of the profit from every poster to the World Wildlife Fund.

  11″ x 14″ 18″ x 24″ 24″ x 36″
Width, in 11.00 18.00 24.00
Height, in 14.00 24.00 36.00



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