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Eagle Ring, Sterling Silver Eagle, Size 8 through 15, endangered species.

Eagle Ring, Sterling Silver Eagle, Size 8 through 15, endangered species.

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This Eagle Ring is heavy. The Eagle represents courage, spirit, wisdom, and freedom. Hand-crafted with attention to quality and detail, this ring is available in different custom sizes. Made by me from high quality recycled sterling silver (.925), this ring is not only visually appealing but also durable and will hold its value. Allow an extra week for me to make your size.

In the United States, the Bald Eagle, the national emblem, faced endangerment due to habitat destruction, pollution, and persecution. Pesticides like DDT led to eggshell thinning, hindering reproduction. Conservation efforts, including habitat protection and the banning of DDT, led to the recovery of Bald Eagle populations. In 2007, it was removed from the endangered species list, reflecting a significant conservation success story. Today, while the Bald Eagle still faces threats like habitat loss and pollution, its population has rebounded, showcasing the effectiveness of conservation measures in safeguarding iconic American wildlife.

I have included both a painting and a page from my coloring book in this listing for your free use. Right click on the image, select "save as," select "desktop," then click "save." To print, open the file on your desktop, right click, select "print." Check your settings and select "print" again. Tape it on your wall or color it. Enjoy!

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