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Tree Frog Ring Sterling Silver Endangered Species Handcrafted Size 6-10

Tree Frog Ring Sterling Silver Endangered Species Handcrafted Size 6-10

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The Tree Frog symbolizes Fertility, Prosperity, Transformation, and Luck. Hand-crafted with attention to quality and detail, this ring is available in different custom sizes. Made by me from high quality recycled sterling silver (.925), this ring is not only visually appealing but also durable and will hold its value. Allow an extra week for me to make your size.

Tree frogs are endangered primarily due to habitat loss from deforestation, urbanization, and agriculture. Pollution from pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals also threatens their survival. Climate change disrupts their habitats and breeding patterns. Infectious diseases like chytridiomycosis have devastated populations. Invasive species introduce predators and competitors. Overexploitation for the pet trade and traditional medicine exacerbates their decline. Combined, these factors compromise their ability to thrive. Conservation efforts emphasizing habitat preservation, pollution reduction, disease management, and addressing climate change impacts are crucial for tree frog survival. Public awareness and cooperation are necessary to mitigate threats and ensure their long-term viability in ecosystems.

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