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Wolf Ring Large Sterling Silver Endangered Species Handcrafted Size 6-12

Wolf Ring Large Sterling Silver Endangered Species Handcrafted Size 6-12

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The Wolf symbolizes Courage, Strength, Family, and Loyalty. Hand-crafted with attention to quality and detail, this ring is available in different custom sizes. Made by me from high quality recycled sterling silver (.925), this ring is not only visually appealing but also durable and will hold its value. Allow an extra week for me to make your size.

Wolves are beautiful, wild animals that used to live in many places, but now they are endangered, which means there aren't as many wolves as there used to be. There are a few reasons why wolves are in trouble. People have built homes and cities where wolves used to live, making it hard for them to find enough space and food. Also, wolves were often scared away or hurt because people thought they were dangerous.

To help wolves, we can protect their homes by keeping forests and wild places safe. We can also learn more about wolves and teach others that they are an important part of nature, not scary monsters. Laws that keep wolves safe are very important, too. When we understand and care for wolves, we help them live happily in the wild 

I have included both a painting and a page from my coloring book in this listing for your free use. Double click on the image, then right click on the image, select "save as," select desktop, type in a shorter name, then click "save." To print, open the file on your desktop, right click on it, then select "print." Check your settings and select "print" again. Tape it on your wall and/or color it. Enjoy.

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